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581b8e6ad7b88_4ea5e902acbd6a2c794863a3e2e6c647225c83.jpg Dr. Samuel W. Person, a board certified podiatrist (American Counsel of Certified Podiatric Physicians & Suregeons) practicing for more than 31 years; the last eight years he has been servicing Petersburg, Emporia, Lawrenceville and now South Hill by appointment.

Many of Dr. Person's patients are senior citizens who for many different reasons can not give themselves proper foot care or because of medical reasons such as being a diabetic and needing to have foot care on a regular basis.

Some of the most common foot problems for seniors are thick nails, trimming of corns & callouses, foot ulcers, gout and sometimes surgery for painful corns, hammertoes or bunions. Surgeries are recommended if the pain or discomfort is continous.

Your feet have serviced you for many years and can continue to give you good service if cared for properlyand in a timely fashion. Dr. Person encourages senior citizens to examine their feet on a regular basis so that if any unusal changes are apparent, it can be attended to by him or a podiatrist of your choice.

Remember, if your feet hurt, you hurt all over. When you visit Dr. Person, those hurting feet will become happy feet. Give your feet a treat so that once again you can have those dancing happy feet.

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